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Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention and treatment of progressive changes appearing with constant passing of time. It gives the possibility to alleviate the effects of the aging process and to correct slight aesthetic imperfections such as: cellulite, stretch marks, scars, face contour. The treatments of aesthetic medicine can also improve comfort resulting from your own look. Physicians practicing aesthetic medicine should be visited not only by people who take care of their appearance and condition of their skin but also by those who forget about it…

MORE Lumenis aluma

Lumenis aluma

Rejuvenating system Aluma Skin Renewal System is a revolutionary device which involves simultaneous work of radio frequency and vacuum ...

MORE Hydrafacial


HydraFacial is a breakthrough in aesthetic technology. The name derives from the root word – hydration. This ability to moisturize the ski ...

MORE Med Contour

Med Contour

Med. Contour system is an effective and completely non-invasive treatment reducing cellulite and removing excess adipose tissue of your body ...

MORE Tri Lipo Maximus Med

Tri Lipo Maximus Med

Maximus system by combining three technologies: radio frequency Bipolar RF + Monopolar RF and a completely new Dynamic Muscle Activation ...

MORE Laser Palomar Icon

Laser Palomar Icon

Palomar System Icon is the most technologically advanced laser platform in the world which provides fast treatments and perfect results. ...

MORE Endermolab LPG

Endermolab LPG

CELLU M6® Endermolab is LPG®’s newest generation device which combines 2 treatment techniques, allowing for performing highly precise pr ...

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Hand and Foot Care


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Pielęgnacja podstawowa