Endermologie - Endermolab LPG


Thanks to the patented LPG® Systems technology of cellular stimulation Cellu M6®, LPG® brand is recognized in over 100 countries around the globe as a leader in non-invasive rejuvenating and body shaping treatments. Innovative solutions in the field of beauty care offered and promoted by LPG ® for nearly twenty five years have been popular and bringing visible and lasting results.

LPG® treatments are known under the common name of „endermologie” which stands for natural, safe, non-invasive and effective method of health and beauty care. Interest in Endermologie® technology still grows. It is used in Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™ treatments during which the skin tissue is mechanically stimulated (MÉCANO-STIMULATION technique), and as a result fat and cellulite are reduced and skin becomes firm and radiant.

Every day 100 000 patients around the world use LPG® treatments, most of whom have permanently made them a part of their life style. As proven by more than 110 scientific studies, this technology is one of the most effective methods against cellulite, excess body fat, face and body skin laxity and edema.

Endermolab is the newest and most versatile LPG® device. It uses Endermologie® technology. Many physicians use it not only for the treatments aiming to improve the figure and rejuvenate the skin, but also together with aesthetic medicine procedures in order to achieve better results of both types of treatments. Moreover, the device is used for treating such problems as scars after burns or surgeries, vascular insufficiency, edema (including lymphatic), muscle stiffness, cramps and pain, as well as postoperative pain or fibromyalgia. Plastic surgeons recommend a series of treatments before and after liposuction to make the procedure easier and to shorten downtime.

In aesthetic medicine clinics it is used by the patients to reduce fat and cellulite, shape the figure, improve tightness and firmness of the body and facial skin, reduce lines and wrinkles as well as bothersome swelling, shadows around the eyes, slim the chin and improve facial shape. Most important is the fact that the treatments are based on 100% natural stimulation of connective tissue. Therefore, they are safe and their only side-effects are health and beauty.

Body contouring - Lipomassage®

Each procedure starts with an assessment of the condition of the skin and shape of the figure, as well as with an interview aiming to establish what the patient’s expectations are. On this basis, a suitable care program is selected.

During the procedure the patient wears personal LPG clothing thanks to which the patient is comfortable and the massage is performed correctly. To achieve better results it is recommended to use cosmetics developed by LPG.


Lipomassage® treatments results

Effectiveness of the treatments was clinically proven. Scientific studies showed that after 8 weeks of Endermologie® therapy the amount of collagen in the skin increases by up to 240% while the amount of elastin – by 180%. The lipolysis process is also stimulated – it is increased by 70%.


Endermolift® anti-aging treatment for facial skin

Endermolift® offers innovative face-care treatments. Their aim is ILLUMINATION, FILLING, FIRMING AND IMPROVING DENSITY of the skin. They work on the main reasons of aging and loss of the density of the skin.

The treatment uses patented LIFT technology head. It mainly involves synergetic work of two flaps in the headpiece. The skin is sequentially sucked, which stimulates its peripheral layer. During the procedure the skin surface is exposed to micropulses which penetrate through the deepest layers of the epidermis and stimulate activity of the fibroblasts. As a result, natural production of collagen and elastin is increased. It leads to the improvement of tightness, flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Moreover, Endermolift™ improves venous and lymphatic circulation, as well as removes fibrous barriers, which increases oxygenation of the tissue.

Depending on the results we want to achieve during the treatment, proper frequency of the flaps movement is applied.


Dermis, through the activation of the production of collagen and elastin fibers, regains its density.


Endermologie LPG – Endermolab

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10 Treatments

699€ (69,90€ / p. T.)

15 Treatments

 1.018€ (67,90€ / p. T.)

20 Treatments

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